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Awakening Shakti
Dancing into the Heart of the Divine Feminine

Healing women circles, sound healing Chakradance.jpg

Embark on an enchanting journey designed to awaken your Svadhisthana chakra and harness the divine feminine energy of Shakti. This transformative experience blends meditation, dance, ritual, and art to guide you toward profound personal empowerment. Dive deep into the realms of creativity and sensuality alongside a supportive sisterhood. Included in our adventure is a


Sacred Women's Circle


Sound Healing

Nourishing Meal

Allowing you to merge with the essence of Shakti. Leave feeling rejuvenated, deeply connected to your divine essence, and empowered to embrace your full potential.

Sliding Scale $130-$180


Register by June 7th to receive a FREE gift

Venmo Wendy @Wendy-Bradshaw-8


June 24th

1 pm - 5:30 pm


5100 North Foothills Parkway

Boulder, Colorado 


Sliding Scale $130 - $180

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