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Monthly NEW Moon Workshop


Dance Your Way to Soulful Alignment under the NEW Moon's Radiance

Welcome to our monthly Chakradance NEW Moon Workshops, Immerse yourself in the mystical embrace and a cosmic journey of self-discovery and renewal. You will embark on a transformative dance experience that aligns your chakras with the energy of the new moon. As you move through a free-form, intuitive dance, guided by the rhythms of your soul and the Chakradance music, you'll release old energies and invite in new intentions. Closing with meditation and shared reflections, this workshop leaves you refreshed, aligned, and ready to embrace the infinite possibilities of the lunar cycle. Join us for an unforgettable evening of self-exploration under the gentle glow of the new moon.





6 - 8pm

Move Your Soul studio

6034 Youngfield St.

Arvada, CO 80004



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Join us for the transformative NEW Moon Chakradance Workshop, specifically curated for the upcoming Libra New Moon. The New Moon in Libra, a time of balance and harmony, invites us to embrace the dance of our inner selves with a focus on the crown chakra. As the moon's energy renews itself, we too can seek renewal by connecting to the divine source of wisdom and universal consciousness. Dancing the Crown Chakradance during this celestial moment becomes a transcendent experience, allowing us to reach towards the limitless expanse of our higher selves. With closed eyes and the gentle guidance of the music, we twirl and sway, surrendering to the cosmic rhythms and opening ourselves to profound spiritual insights. As we dance under the new moon's soft glow, we align our energies with the essence of Libra, finding equilibrium within and fostering a deeper connection to the divine. This sacred dance reminds us that in the quiet moments of the lunar cycle, we can ascend to new heights of awareness, unity, and enlightenment.

As the moon reaches its darkness, its energy amplifies our own inner rhythms, amplifying the potential for chakra alignment, emotional release, and personal transformation.

​Tap into heightened states of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening by engaging in Chakradance under the darkness of the new moon

Synchronizing movement, music, and meditation with the lunar energy.

Chakradance during the new moon provides an opportunity to activate and balance specific chakras that resonate with the lunar phase. For example, during an Aquarius NEW Moon, the focus may be on the root chakra, grounding participants and fostering a sense of stability, inner strength, and personal growth.

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A healing journey into the depths of your body, psyche, and soul to transform your life

Chakradance gently unravels buried feelings, unresolved memories, and unconscious inherited beliefs, all of which we hold in our bodies, and in our energy centers, called the chakras. This blocked energy becomes the tension in our bodies, the illnesses we develop, and the negative patterns we keep repeating in our lives.

  • Deepen your connection to the rhythms of nature: Engaging in NEW Moon Chakradance regularly, allows individuals to attune themselves to the natural cycles and energies of the moon. This deepened connection fosters a sense of alignment, balance, and harmony with the world around them.

  • Tap into the heightened transformative energy of the full moon: The new moon is renowned for its powerful energy that amplifies intentions and catalyzes personal growth. Monthly new Moon Chakradance sessions provide a dedicated space and time to harness this transformative energy, enabling participants to release blockages, awaken their potential, and experience profound shifts within themselves.

  • Nurture their mind, body, and spirit: Chakradance is a holistic practice that engages the mind, body, and spirit through movement, music, and meditation. By participating in monthly new Moon Chakradance sessions, individuals can nurture and cultivate their overall well-being on a regular basis, fostering inner balance, emotional healing, and spiritual expansion.

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Chakradance NEW Moon Workshop



A monthly NEW Moon Chakradance offering provides individuals with a regular opportunity to harness the potent energies of the lunar cycle and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. Each month, as the NEW moon illuminates the night sky, participants can come together to engage in Chakradance sessions specifically tailored to the unique qualities of that particular NEW moon.

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