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You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself during our yoga sessions.  Our sessions are more than just a workout or a stretch. Yoga is for your mind and heart as much as it is for your physical body.

Our work together will inspire your practice with Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing for a deeper, more layered experience. I offer, in every session, the tone of self-connection, gratitude and LOVE.

TUESDAYS, JANUARY 9 - 30TH 6-7:15pm

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Sessions are drawn and influenced from the following styles:

  • Slow flow (slow, mindful movements)

  • Yin/Restorative (slow, deep stretch – you won’t break a sweat)

  • Adaptive/Chair (adapted for injuries, disabilities, beginners)

  • Yoga Nidra Meditation

  • Meditation (learn to observe thoughts without judgements)

  • Hatha (active, more static posture holds)

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