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Move Your Soul

Meditation, Chakradance, Rituals, Retreats, & Yoga

Journey beyond the ordinary - discover the magic of a mindful, soulful life.

Come experience a voyage of self-discovery with Wendy L. Bradshaw featuring a unique array of wellness offerings. Delight in Monthly Full Moon Chakradance, join empowering Monthly New Moon women circles, and immerse yourself in Monthly sound healing workshops. Explore e-courses, yoga workshops, private yoga or sound healing sessions, chakra energy clearing sessions, rejuvenating and enriching women's retreats to help revive your soul and unleash a new, vibrant version of yourself. Embark on a playful exploration of your inner world and connect with your true essence, free from stress and concerns.

Let's grow and transform together. Let's Move Your Soul.

Hi, I'm Wendy...

​I believe transformation and growth are meant to be fun!

Standing at the forefront of holistic healing and spiritual exploration, I am dedicated to guiding individuals on their path toward inner harmony and personal growth. Drawing upon my diverse backgrounds in, energy healing, and movement therapy, I have crafted a unique approach to healing and self-discovery. Through my pioneering work with Chakradance, a transformative fusion of dance, meditation, music that resonates with each chakra and sacred art, I empower individuals to access their innate wisdom and vitality.

My compassionate presence and innovative teachings have touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide. My inclusive and accessible methods create a safe space for exploration, allowing participants to release emotional blockages and connect with their authentic selves.

Beyond my work with Chakradance, I am a certified yoga instructor, reiki, sounding healing and soul magic coach. I advocate for the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul, offering a holistic toolkit for personal transformation and empowerment.
Through my workshops, retreats, and intimate gatherings, I continue to inspire others to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being, guiding them towards greater joy, vitality, and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

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Ritual Qualifications and Certifications
Owner of Move Your Soul with Wendy L. Bradshaw
Soul Magic Coach
Women's Circle Facilitator
Licensed Chakradance™ Facilitator
Certified BellyFit® Instructor
Hatha Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga for Wellness Instructor
Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor
Mindfulness Meditation Instructor
USUI/Holy Fire Reiki RYOHO Reiki Practitioner
Shamanic Practitioner, Level 3 Inca Tradition of the Andes

Sound Healer
Astrology Practitioner
Head of Training & Facilitator Support for Chakradance™
Private Yoga
Chakradance Retreat
Ritual Chakradance Meditation
"The Retreat at Joyful Journey Hot Springs was Heaven on Earth. I felt safely held in a loving container allowing me to reconnect with my authentic self and those of my sister companions. Thank you for being a wise and trustworthy guide on this Journey. It was a healing and life-giving miracle!"

Leslie B.

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