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Transforming from a state of betrayal to one of empowerment.

In a serene mountain town of Colorado, I was known as a spirited dance instructor and a calming yoga instructor full of creative energy. My dance studio, harmoniously coexisting with my yoga studio, and was a vibrant community hub. The dual sanctuaries allowed for a fusion of rhythm and stillness, embodying a holistic approach to children's well-being and adults spiritual wellness.

One of my fondest achievements was the mentorship of a particular student, a young dancer who walked through my studio doors as a child. I poured my heart and soul into her training, watching with pride as she blossomed into a talented instructor. The bond we shared was one I thought was of trust and admiration. This tale took a sharp turn when my protégé, decided to open her own studio in this same very small town. It was made even more difficult when some of my loyal students and instructors chose to follow introducing a dissonant note into our harmonious melody. Shadows fell upon my dual sanctuaries, threatening the passionate symphony of dance and yoga that once defined them.

Parallel to these professional shifts, I was navigating through the turbulent currents of a 28-year controlling and emotionally abusive marriage. The daily dance with my own identity became a silent symphony of resistance against the oppressive rhythm of the relationship. Braving the unknown with a heart heavy yet hopeful, I ventured forth with no tangible assets other than the clothes on my back but I had a dream of a life rich in authenticity and fulfillment.

Amidst this journey, I found solace and healing in my personal Chakradance practice. This harmonious blend of dance and meditation became a guiding light, helping me to reconnect with my inner essence and restore balance within my soul. The rhythmic flow of Chakradance became my haven of peace, a dance of healing that nourished my spirit.

The intertwined narratives of professional recalibration and personal liberation wove a tapestry of empowerment and renewal.

In response, I choreographed a new dance of resilience and rebirth, moving beyond familiar landscapes to create my new soulful business "Move Your Soul with Wendy."  This unique sanctuary, marrying the essence of dance and yoga, has become a haven for women to explore their strength, form deep connections, and immerse themselves in a symphony of healing modalities.

My vision was to create a space that reminded women of their courage and interconnectedness, where competition had no place, and where we could support and nurture each other. The women who have joined my sanctuary are more than students; they are pillars of strength, reflecting the resilience I was rediscovering. Together, we move through shadows, creating a harmonious symphony of healing and empowerment, embracing the dawn of a renewed life.

"Move Your Soul with Wendy" has evolved into more than just a studio; it has become a symbol of triumph over adversity, a testament to the dance of life lived authentically. It is a sanctuary where every movement, every breath, resonates with the stories of resilient women finding solace and renewal.

With the fusion of dance and yoga, "Move Your Soul with Wendy" stands as an oasis of rejuvenation and rediscovery, a reminder that every step in life, every breath in yoga, every dance movement, is part of the beautiful choreography of reclaiming one’s identity and celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

I look forward to sharing my healing woman’s retreats, monthly women circles, yoga and Chakradance workshops and mostly my healed heart that is overflowing with love.

Come heal and move your soul with me!



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You are changing lives!! Thanks for that!! Love you! Can't wait for class tonight!

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